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Three thousand lots across the land.
A million spots inside them.

We built a site where drivers can—on web or mobile—find them.

SP+ (formed by the merger of Central Parking and Standard Parking) is the world's largest parking company. Every day they juggle rates, hours, and logistics for thousands of lots nationwide, but they know their customers only care about one thing: how to find the lot closest to them.

So when SP+ came to us, they wanted a website that worked for them and their customers. The SP+ team needed a custom CMS that let them tend to the finer points of parking management. Their customers needed a simple user interface that could point them to the perfect parking spot. We delivered both: A dynamic, multi-platform web application powerful enough to control thousands of parking locations, and smart enough to know which one is right for you.

Jump Start

We designed, developed, and launched a fully-functional site in record time.

From the beginning, we could tell SP+ thinks big. We like that in a client. But as we began working with SP+, we recognized an immediate opening to provide parking info online, and we didn't want them to miss it while they mapped out their perfect site. So we asked ourselves, what are the essential elements they need, and how can we give those to them now?

Two weeks later, our first iteration of their new website went live. On it, customers could get detailed information about any SP+ lot or garage in New York City. Three weeks after that, we debuted a CMS that allowed SP+ to create, edit, and control discount parking coupons for all locations citywide.

The site still had some growing up to do, but in just over a month of hard work, we'd created something that hit all the fundamentals: It saved drivers time and money while driving sales for SP+.

Cruise Control

Parking management isn’t easy. Each lot or garage has dozens of variables related to pricing and logistics, and these details can vary by the hour. Most parking websites can't keep pace, so they're often outdated or missing key information.

In our eyes, this wasn't an obstacle, it was an opportunity for SP+ to gain a competitive advantage. Our solution was to implement a super-flexible CakePHP CMS, which includes a custom permissions module to allow granular levels of access per user, and specialized reporting tools to track performance and visitor behavior. Instead of building a site that added layers of complexity to SP+ operations, we created a unified backend to manage data across sites, make site maintenance efficient, and provide the company with market data it never had before.

Now when a lot operator updates their off-peak rates or their policy on RVs, the change is automatically reflected online. Drivers who visit the site find everything they need, with full confidence they're seeing the latest information.

Fine Tuning

We delivered a site that’s search engine friendly, fully secure, and optimized to sell parking.

SP+ now has a website that is loaded with little features and innovations that maximize its value for the company and its customers.

Search Engine Friendly: We built flexibility to include SEO copy on every page, and followed design and development best practices to make the site easy to discover through Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Strengthened Site Security: Coupons include loss-prevention features like one-time use codes and user-level tracking.

Super Short Sales Funnel: To streamline sales, we architected the site and mobile apps so users can go from homepage to parking coupon in three clicks or fewer.

In many cases, SP+ never asked for these features. We took it upon ourselves to suggest and implement them. That type of proactive problem solving is essential to our relationship with any client. Coding and design are key, but our greatest strength is collaborating with clients to develop new digital strategies and improve old ways of working.

Shifting Gears

Although our relationship with SP+ dates back more than ten years, the SP+ name and brand are much newer. They came about in late 2013, as a result of a merger between our client, Central Parking, and Standard Parking—two of the largest parking companies in the world. We had already designed and coded a Drupal-based corporate home for Central, but the new partnership required a unified corporate site and entirely new branding across their web properties, all of which had to go live on the same day.

In response, we designed and developed the new company’s corporate homepage and incorporated the new brand elements into their apps and all city websites across the country. We did all of that within their timeline requirements, and launched all changes on December 2, 2013—the exact day they requested.

The Road Ahead

We're still working to keep the SP+ sites on the cutting edge of web technology.

The SP+ sites now receive more than 350,000 visitors monthly, and we're still working to keep them on the cutting edge of web technology. In Summer 2013, we launched a fully mobile-optimized site to complement their mobile apps, and the versatile CMS powering the SP+ web properties has let them effortlessly expand their site to serve new markets and partnerships nationwide.

SP+ Website Screenshot